Educating the Public on Evidence-based methods for improving inter-group civility.

Who We Are

Civil Politics non-profit organization that is run by a group of academics whose expertise lies in the use of data to understand moral psychology.  We regularly publish articles in scientific journals concerning the antecedents and consequences of specific moral views.  You can read some of our publications here, here, and here.  An article about our organization is available here.  The goal of this site is to help educate the broader public about research that relates to improving relations across divisions that have a moral dimension.

Our annual report for 2014 is available here.

Directors: Civil Politics is specifically run by Ravi Iyer of RankerJonathan Haidt at NYU-Stern, and Matt Motyl at the University of Virginia.

Board of Advisors:  Our board of advisors includes Liz Joyner, the Executive Director of The Village Square (a group working to improve civil politics in Florida) and Richard Redding, a professor in the School of Law at Chapman University.


Our goal is to educate the public about social science research on improving inter-group relations across moral divides.