Educating the Public on Evidence-based methods for improving inter-group civility.

Videos of Civil Interaction

Daily Show (12/8/10) report on 2 opposing candidates for the Connecticut state senate (Andrew Maynard and Stuart Norman) who campaigned together, civilly. Funny and inspiring! Watch from 4:02 to 10:25. Here's a news story on the race.


Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart engaging in a vigorous discussion while being respectful of one another.



Senator John McCain demonstrating civility by correcting a questioner in his audience who suggested that President Barack Obama is an "Arab." Senator McCain points out that President Obama is a good man, but simply has a different vision of politics in America.

Here's a really silly one: Two twin babies having what appears to be a civil debate. May be useful to trigger positive emotion (which opens people's minds) before a class or lecture on civility.


Our goal is to educate the public about social science research on improving inter-group relations across moral divides.