Educating the Public on Evidence-based methods for improving inter-group civility.

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News stories about civility in general.
(Stories relevant to specific problems and solutions are posted on the relevant page of the "Areas for Intervention" tab) co-founder & Tea Party Patriots co-founder find common ground in Living Room Conversation (1/17/13)
DC's Leading Export: Total Partisan War. (Politico, 3/31/11). On how the nastiness of Washington politics has now spilled over to state capitols.
Gov. Mark Datyon (Minn.) shows how to calm an angry crowd and create a civil interaction. (1/5/11)
Fed up with the lack of political civility; 8 in 10 Americans think that the lack of civil discourse among elected officials is a serious problem. (11/25/2010)
Why do elected officials and politicos resist making civility pledges? Only two current members of Congress or governors have signed. (11/25/2010)
Pew survey: Democrats (54% of them) most admire politicians who can work together and compromise, but Republicans (62%) and especially Tea Partiers (71%) say they "most admire politicians who stick to their positions without compromising." (10/6/10)
Former Congressman Jim Leach launches a 50-state civility tour Coburn (7/6/10)
Poll finds Americans "fed up with political incivility" (4/22/10)
Sen. Coburn (R-OK) models civility (4/6/10)
Republican leadership rejects joint civility statement (3/26/10)
Christians from left and right sign 'civility covenant' (3/26/10)
Bayh resignation shows the terrible decline in Senate civility (2/23/10)
Gallup poll shows decline of moderates, increase in conservatives (1/7/10)

Our goal is to educate the public about social science research on improving inter-group relations across moral divides.