Lawrence Lessig’s Rallying Cry to Reclaim Our Republic

In this impassioned TEDtalk Lawrence Lessig makes an earnest plea to end the influence of big money on our elections. 

The large funders who represent only .05% of the population are able to decide which candidates make it to the general election thus rigging the outcome in their favor. These funders are emphatically not the people–serving in most cases their private interests and yet Congress has become dependent on them.  We are in a state of legalized corruption. 

The solution is simple. We must spread voter influence.  A single statute instituting small donor funding would end this cycle. But politics is the problem. Lessig admits this problem can seem insurmountable. But even if we thought it  impossible we should yet do all we can to end this state of affairs and make our government truly representative. This is what it means to love your country.